Should you receive an error  message like this when sending an SMS from PowerPro using ESendex:


It means your ESendex API password does not match what is currently set in PowerPro.

To fix this issue, login to the ESendex account and:


1 - Click on the relevant account in the bottom of the ESendex web page : 


2 - Click on your username (email address on top right as per image below)


3 - Click on the Generate a new API password as per image below:


4 - Copy the new API to the clipboard and save it in ESendex:


5 - Update PowerPro SMS settings to reflect the new ESendex API (paste the API password):

While you are here, it's worth double checking the PowerPro SMS Username (email address) and Account Reference (EX.....) match what's in the ESendex web page.


6 - Log out and back in to PowerPro to test the new settings.