To clone a Course you should have a Master Course to clone from (please see this article if you do not have the Master Course).

Take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Home menu>Accredited Courses
  2. Filter on "Active Master Courses"
  3. Select the relevant Master Course from the top list
  4. Click on Course Actions>Clone Course


Then the Clone Course offer window pops up. This is where you can specify the date of the Course offer as well as the number of Course offers to create. In this Clone example we will be creating one Course offer, therefore all we need to provide is the Course Date:


Pressing OK on the above window, this will bring up the Course offer. It will look exactly like the original except it will have its own ID and the "Master Course" tick box is not checked. Now you can adjust any particulars of this offer such as Group/Version and Delivery Location as per image below:


All done, you can now start taking enrolments on the new Course offer (Course ID 7610 in this example).