The update consists of two parts:

  1. Updating the Database (only once)
  2. Updating the PowerPro application (on every PowerPro system)


Updating the database to 2024

In order to update to PowerPro database to 2024 the following conditions must be met:

  • You are currently running PowerPro 2023
  • You have access to the RTOADM account
  • Everyone else is out of PowerPro when you carry out the database update

Assuming these conditions are met, the steps required to update to 2024 are:

  1. Login to PowerPro as RTOADM
  2. Click on the Update>2024 ribbon button
  3. The following window should show, click the Update now! button


and once all database scripts have ran the following message will show:

The database is now updated to 2024.

Press the Close button as per image above and close PowerPro.


Updating the PowerPro application

On each PowerPro system you will need to install the PowerPro 2024 application:

  1. Make sure PowerPro is closed on your system
  2. Download the PowerPro 2024 application installer\tms\2024\workstation.exe
  3. Run/Execute the installer following the prompts
  4. All done, you should now be able to login to PowerPro 2024