To create a new PowerPro User or to manage existing any ones, follow these steps:

1. Find another PowerPro user that has system access to Manage Users.  They will need to login in themselves.

2. Browse to Manage Users.
    *If it is greyed out and not available, this user does not have the required permissions.
    ** Note: There is a login called RTOADM that is the PowerPro superuser. You may want to find the individual who holds that login.







3. Bottom left corner, you can see your standard options:



New User: Create a new user. User minimum 5 character length & Password strength = 6 characters

Edit User: Allows you to edit existing user. Change the password and/or adjust their user roles

User Roles: Adjust or review the User roles assigned to the user

Delete User: Powerful action. Please review decision before proceeding. You can always re-create user if needed


4. If you want to review or create new user based permission roles, browse to the User Roles & Actions area as per the first screenshot.