Step 1) Open the Template Manager using Configuration > Template Manager 

Once the template manager is open, select the M2M tab.


Step 2) Find the downloaded M2M credential (text file) 

Note: Before starting, please make sure you are on the PC it was originally downloaded on.

Continuing on from Step 1, click on "Actions" at the top right of this window and then "Import New Template".
A file explorer window allows browsing to the M2M text file. In the address bar at the top of that window, replace the existing text with the following;


as per screenshot below:

Step 3) Obtaining the M2M internal Alias.
Please direct back to the file using the File Explorer as above.
Right-click on the M2M credential and proceed to open with either WordPad or Notepad.


You need to find and copy the (credential) id value as per screenshot below in yellow.

Copy that to your clipboard.

Step 4) Setting the M2M details in PowerPro

Head back to PowerPro RTO.

Use Configuration > Application Options > USI tab


-          Update the Device alias to what we copied in step 4.

-          Update the Device Password (Password that was set at the time of M2M creation).


Next steps:

- Restart PowerPro by logging off and back in.
- Proceed to check if you can verify, locate a USI.