1. Have your RTOADM user request a Sky key.

Your RTOADM user will need to request an access key. (The access key can be requested to grant multiple installs, if you need to set up multiple new access points.)
Don't know how to request an access key? click here.

BEFORE CONTINUING: Please ensure you have an access key, as per the link above.

2. Download the workstation installer file corresponding to your database version.

  • First you need to install the PowerPro RTO application on your Windows system.


3. Run the Installer.

  • Once the install file (workstation.exe) has been downloaded, please run it to install the PowerPro RTO application. There should be no need to adjust anything, just a matter of clicking Next and Install to go through the installation wizard.


4. Activate your SKY key.

  • On your Desktop you should now see PowerPro RTO icon. Please open the PowerPro to access the sky key activation area as per image below.

  • Fill in all the fields as shown below, then click 'OK'. A log will populate and let you know the workstation is authorised:

  • You should now be able to log into your SKY database, using the login details that your RTOADM user provides to you.