Date formats in PowerPro are based on Windows settings.  If you have a brand new workstation, or your workstation has been reset, the date format may be incorrect.  If this is the case when you login to PowerPro you may see a warning message displayed at the Login screen.


  • PowerPro Login screen above

To fix and remove this warning you will need to change the region settings in Windows.

Open you Windows Settings and click on Time & Language


  • Windows Settings screen above


Check that the Time Zone is correct for your state.  Then click on the Date, Time & Regional Formatting link.


  • Date & Time screen above

Ensure that the Country or Region is set to 'Australia' and the Regional Format is set to 'English (Australia)'.  You can view the format below that drop down list.

  • Region screen above

Sometimes it will also be necessary to change the date separators, especially if dashes are used instead of a forward slash.  To do this, in the Region screen click on the Additional Date, Time & Regional Settings link in the top right corner.  The Clock and Region from Control Panel will be displayed.  Click on the Change date, time, or number formats link.

  • Control Panel screen above

Change the Short Date format so that it is dd/MM/yyyy, then click on Apply then OK.


Once these are set, restart PowerPro and the warning message will now disappear.