This report extracts the number of VET student enrolments in a calendar year figure as per ASQA Declaration of Compliance requirement:

"What was the total number of VET student enrolments in the YYYY calendar year?"

In order to get an accurate figure we requested clarification from the VET regulator in February 2024 . Their clarification is pasted below for clarity: 

Q1 - Should this figure count Training Program enrolments or Unit enrolments?

A: No, a student enrols in either a Qualification or a Unit - if they enrol in a Qualification they should not be listed as enrolling in each individual unit.

Q2 - Should this figure count multiple enrolments per client (e.g. Client 123 enrolled in Course A and in Course B. Counts as 1 or 2)?
A: Yes, if they enrolled in multiple courses, they are multiple enrolments.


Q3 - Should this figure count only those enrolments starting in the specified calendar year or should continuing enrolments from previous years be included?

Yes, continuing enrolments count.

Q4 - If a Student enrols in a short course made of two units (e.g. First aid + CPR) and the short Course is not profiled as a Qualification or a Skill Set, should it count as one or two enrolments?

From the perspective of the ADC this would be a single enrolment.