PowerPro Courses have an AVETMISS "switch" indicating whether the Course should report or not. While this is very convenient for specific scenarios, if disregarded it may cause the RTO to not report all the Courses for a calendar year which then results in data missing on Student USI Transcripts.

The above mentioned Courses AVETMISS "switch" is the field below (double-click on the Course from Enrolments or from Accredited Courses):


The above window can be used to individually switch a particular Course to AVETMISS report or not. However, the best way to ensure all AVETMISS courses are being reported is through the AVETMISS Files generation process:

From the Home screen click on the AVETMISS Files button.



The AVETMISS Options screen will display.  Look for, and click on, the Check Courses button.


A list of all courses with training activity in the AVETMISS Reporting year will be listed. These should all have the last column ("Report") checked. We recommend Clicking on Select All button (1), then click on the Apply button (2).  Click on the Close button when done.


The AVETMISS Options screen will reappear, and from there AVETMISS Files can be created as per usual.